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NIH to Temporarily Close Certain Entrances/Exits to Campus

Due to declining employee, contractor and visitor use, the following entrances/exits to campus will be closed beginning on Wednesday, April 8 2020: 

  • North Drive at Rockville Pike
  • South Drive at Old Georgetown Road
  • Gateway Vehicle Inspection Facility (Gateway Center for Pedestrians remains open)

All other vehicle and pedestrian access follows the normal operating schedule found at: These closures will also allow NIH to redistribute guards and officers to other locations as needed during this pandemic period.

For questions regarding this message, please contact the ORS Information Line at or 301-594-6677. TTY is available at 301-435-1908.

Upcoming Service Road West and Service Road South Closure Notice

Service Road West, the north/south road in front of Buildings 11 and 14, will be closed on two Saturdays – this Saturday, March 21 and Saturday, April 25. In addition, from March 21 through April 25, Service Road South, the east/west road between Buildings 11 and 14 will be closed. These closures are necessary for crane installation and use as part of cooling tower repairs for the NIH Central Utility Plant. As part of this closure, the parking lot in front of Building 11 will also be closed. Pedestrian access will remain available via a covered walkway.

For a map detailing the area to be closed and the pedestrian detour route, please visit:

The NIH will place signs at each end of the closure, alerting vehicles and re-directing pedestrians. On the two Saturdays Service Road West is closed, motorists are encouraged to consider using alternate routes to navigate the southwest portion of campus. Please visit the employee campus map to view optional routes at:

For questions regarding this message, please contact the ORS Information Line at or 301-594-6677. TTY is available at 301-435-1908. For questions regarding this construction project, please contact the Office of Research Facilities Project Officer, Mansour (Marty) Haghjou at or 301-402-7811.

Bike Safety at the NIH

Biking to work is a great way to maintain your health and lower your carbon footprint. The added benefits are less stress from dealing with bumper-to-bumper traffic and the headache of searching for a parking space. Here are a few helpful tips and friendly reminders to maintain a safe riding environment on the Bethesda main campus.


  • There are various bike racks and bike lockers throughout the campus. Many of these bike racks and lockers are located conveniently near buildings or in a nearby parking garage. Please visit the following NIH website for a map illustrating the locations of bike racks and lockers on campus:
  • A friendly reminder that bikes are only permitted to be parked or secured at bike racks or in bike lockers. Bikes and bike locks are not permitted to be secured to light poles, railings or other objects other than bike racks or lockers. The bike lockers are free for all to use. Securing your lock on an empty bike locker is prohibited and is inconsiderate for those who want to use the bike locker when it is empty.
  • Bikes are not permitted to remain on campus overnight. Bikes left for several days or show indication that they have not been moved in several days will be considered abandoned. Abandoned bikes are subject to the lock being cut and the bike removed. For more information, please visit the NIH Bike Policy at:
  • In the state of Maryland, bikes are considered vehicles and must obey all traffic signs and devices. For example, coming to a stop at a stop sign. Failure to obey stop signs and other traffic control devices could lead to a fine ranging from $80 to $120. In addition, entering an intersection without due regard may put you in an unsafe predicament with a motor vehicle or pedestrian resulting in injuries or property damage.
  • In Montgomery County, bikes are permitted to ride on sidewalks but must yield right-of-way to pedestrians.
  • Last, but not least, a friendly reminder to prevent bike theft on and off campus -- never leave your bike unsecured. Always lock your bike to a bike rack or secure it in a bike locker.

Please help us to pass the word. Let's work together to maintain a safe and friendly work environment.

If you have any questions, please contact:

The NIH Community Policing Office

Office: (301) 496-3020


MD 355 (Rockville Pike) Crossing Near Medical Center Metro Station

As part of the ongoing construction of the Crossing Project at the Medical Center Metro Station (, a construction work site is located on the NIH (east) side of Rockville Pike near the Medical Center Metro Station.


A map detailing the work zone near the metro station and the pedestrian detour can be viewed at: The entire area of Rockville Pike near the Medical Center Metro Station on both sides of the street is a construction zone. Please pay attention to all signs, and drive, walk or bike carefully through the area. 

The Crossing Project construction is anticipated to continue through mid-2021. To read more about the Crossing Project, visit their website at: For more information about traffic news in and around the NIH Bethesda campus, including the Crossing Project, visit the NIH Traffic Website at:

Click this External Website to view the noise waiver certificate from the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (MCDEP).

For questions about this message, please contact the ORS Information Line at or 301-594-6677. TTY is available at 301-435-1908. Please tune your radios to 1660 AM for NIH traffic, parking and perimeter security advisories.