Bethesda Area road improvement Projects

If you live or work in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, you know traffic is a part of daily life. Upcoming and ongoing road and transit improvement projects near the Bethesda campus will be particularly impactful to the NIH community. This website provides information on construction projects, including timelines, expected impact, and a description of the improvements you can expect. The map above summarizes each of the major projects.

The NIH also has a number of resources to ease the effects of traffic on your daily commute, and this website serves as a one-stop shop to link you to them. From work schedule flexibilities that enable you to adapt your work hours and even work location; to tools that help you plan the best route to work; to commuting alternatives, including van pool, public transit, or biking this website connects you to opportunities to improve your commute. Please explore your options and visit the Contact Us page if you have any questions.

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