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Metro SafeTrack Maintenance Program

During Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's (WMATA) SafeTrack maintenance program over the next year, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) encourages both supervisors and employees to explore whether workplace flexibilities such as compressed work schedules, flexible work schedules, and telewo​rk may alleviate transportation issues. For more information regarding work schedule flexibilities, click here.

What is SafeTrack?
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Why is SafeTrack necessary?
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How will SafeTrack impact my commute?
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Schedule information for the remaining SafeTrack surges for 2017

(Includes ongoing and completed Safetrack schedule and reports)

The SafeTrack program will conclude in late June 2017, after which, Metro will shift to a regimen of preventative maintenance.

Review the information and links below for more details about each surge project and potential impacts on your commute.

2017 Remaining Schedule

DateDurationLinesImpactArea Affected
May 16 - June 15
 31 days Orange Line Line Segment shut downNew Carrollton to Stadium-Armory
June 17 - 25
 9 days Red Line Line Segment shut downShady Grove to Twinbrook


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